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Autopumps UK is a manufacturer & worldwide distributor of engine oil pumps, repair kits & fast moving engine parts

Specialist skills for a specialist market

  • 30 years experience in the motor vehicle industry
  • Huge range from British classics to Marine & Agricultural
  • Exceptional pre & post sales service
  • Fast turnaround, full support guarantee
  • Pumps manufacturered & tooled in QA approved factories
  • Commitment to excellence & reliability
  • Rapid development of new quality products in low volume at competitive prices
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Home parts catalogue image

Committed to quality

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We work closely with manufacturers’ R&D departments to allow us to meet our customers’ diverse requirements.

Each of our manufacturing partners must meet our exacting quality standards and offer full certification on the automotive products we commission and distribute.

Our continually expanding range

Fast-moving applications to British classics, European, Japanese, Marine, Agricultural and Commercial vehicles

Autopumps UK Ltd.
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